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Who loves peoples and valiant art/  /October 01, 2002

Excuse me! But why is the author of geegaw peddling a T-shirt that quotes the very same Dream Song that Slipshod herself so aptly inscribed on the Big Yellow whiteboard in the summer of 98? Ever to confess you're bored, indeed.

For those of you not following along in your hymnals, some background might be apropos. I didn't know the Dream Songs before that summer I spent in Boston at the house called Big Yellow; there was a gal living there who was mysterious, inscrutable (good sense of humor). One morning between brewing coffee and falling back asleep I caught her red-markered, copying #14 onto the message board which thereunto had held such mundane missives as CLEAN YOUR FUCKING DISHES and "Chs, yr ftr spleen rcpnt cld—wants to know abt any angr ctrl prblms". The first months after arriving Seattle, it took me only a glance at the Space Needle and the words, "I concede I am heavy bored," might plod through my mind.

But, as all tough sailors do (when they're far away at sea), I finagled my way into a community of pensive men and rowdy barmaids, forging a glorious community in Seattle. Friends, I admit I am heavy glad.

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